The “critérium de la première neige” commits itself to an eco-responsible approach

The ecological question is nowadays central. Whatever the environment, whatever the
domain, it has become a major concern. Questions about the preservation of our natural
environment are all the more present in the sports event industry. Faced with a
deterioration of the situation, which is becoming more and more consequent every day, the
actors at the origin of sporting events must no longer be satisfied with merely noting but
rather acting, by ensuring that concrete actions are put in place.
This is why, today, the Val d’Isère sports club wishes to commit itself to this cause in order to
make its event something that is part of a desire for improvement.
At a time when sports events are at the origin of critical carbon footprints, the “critérium de
la première neige” must shake up its codes and its organization by joining a new dynamic
more conducive to its sustainability.
The goal? To be in the process and willingness to eco-design this event through the
questioning of each phase of the organization, with a view to minimize the ecological impact
and maximize its social impact.





Our strategy

For this new edition 2022, the Critérium is rewarded by the eco-manif label delivered by the
region and which concerns the eco-responsible commitments for which an organization can
decide to engage. To know some examples that we implement below






The Critérium de la Première Neige uses the respective charter to this label as a reference in
its strategy but also as a basis to reflect on the various possible areas of improvement and in
reflection for the editions to follow.

The Critérium de la première Neige, at the time of the Ecoresponsible energy.

The Val d’Isère Sports Club and its partner REVOLT Group will be setting up a unique installation for a major high-mountain event!
An eco-responsible energy system for the first time at an Alpine skiing World Cup event. To replace the classic generator running 100% on fuel oil, we are setting up an installation with a battery pack and a soundproof generator.
This system will be fully hybrid, integrating a thermal element (generator) and a storage and control element (battery pack). An estimated saving of fuel oil of more than 50%.


The current state of the First Snow Criterium in terms of CSR

Val d’isere and the green snowflake

The Val d’Isère Sports Club is also part of the “Green snowflake” approach for which the Val
d’Isère resort is working. A labeling process that engages all the actors of the same territory
in the transition towards a sustainable tourism development in the mountains.
The submission of a report by the Club des Sports was done in order to participate in this
desire for change in the resort by positioning itself as an actor and not a spectator of these
changes. This complements and is part of our desire for improvement.